Fearful dog, therapy dog training, and CGC classes in Redmond, Bellevue, Sammamish, Kirkland, Medina and Issaquah, WA.

Private In-Home Puppy Training Packages

4 or 6 lessons, tailored to your specific needs

For Puppies 8 weeks - 20 weeks old

Training is twice the first week, then once a week, to keep progressing! *

Puppies are sweet, adorable, joyful, and a lot of work. I've raised over 20 puppies, and I understand that some days you might experience frustration and defeat! Don’t worry, I can help!  The most important components to achieving success in training are patience, clarity, consistency, and use of positive reinforcement & reward methods.

All Puppies Work On The Basics:

  • Attention to handler

  • Responding to name

  • Touch / Targeting skills

  • Recalls (Come When Called)

  • Beginning stay

  • Settle (on a mat, in a crate)

  • Husbandry exercises, including acclimation to nail trimming, grooming, being comfortable at vet’s office & examination procedures

  • Tricks (if desired)

Older Puppies (14-20 weeks) will also have:

  • Socialization to locations, sounds, and sights

  • Excursions to local parks and shopping areas

  • If you’re a new client, 1-2 lessons will take place in your home before we work off-site

New Package Clients Receive:

($65 value)

  • Training treat pouch

  • Clickers

  • 2-3 kinds of training treats

  • Potty bags

  • With 6 lessons, a complimentary copy of “Cooperative Care” by Deborah Jones, Phd. is included.

Issues we can cover:

  • House training

  • Counter surfing

  • Reducing barking

  • Reducing jumping

  • How to stop play biting

  • Resource guarding prevention

  • Pestering the family cat

4 lessons, $385 *

60 minutes each

6 lessons, $580 *

60 minutes each

* 4 lessons: 2 lessons will be in the same week, and the 2 remaining lessons are weekly (or more often if desired).

* 6 lessons - 2 lessons will be in the same week, and the remaining 4 are weekly, or more often if desired.

For example, first lesson on Tuesday, second lesson on Friday or Saturday, and the remaining lessons may be Monday or Tuesday. It’s important to keep the training on a consistent schedule so the puppy learns his lessons, and we can address any issues in a timely manner.

Single Lesson: $120